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Have you ever found yourself wanting a musical keyboard for your desktop or laptop? Maybe to work on some harmony assignments, or get a tuning note, or to try and figure out the chord change you just heard in your head or on the coffee shop sound system?

This is nifty little musical keyboard allows you to play notes and chords ranging almost five octaves. There are two synthesized timbre choices: an Organ and a StringSynth.

To play, you can either mouse-click-and-hold a piano key graphic, or use the computer keys like a miniature piano: the number row is used for the black keys, the QWERTY row is used for white keys. The leftmost key (TAB) is a C, and the rightmost key ("]") is an A.

Fig. Piano Keys with corresponding QWERTY keys

Additional controls

The SPACE key and the HOLD checkbox both work like a toggle on a sustain pedal.  Up to eight notes can be held at the same time. When a ninth note is pressed, the first note is dropped.

The OCTAVE dropdown allows you to transpose the keyboard either up one octave or down one or two octaves. The lowest note matches the low C of a Cello, two octaves below middle C. The highest note is two octaves above the tuning A.

The TUNING A slider allows you to set up alternate tunings, where the tuning A can range from 380 to 480 Hz. All pitches are calculated using equal temperament

The VOLUME control works in real time and effects all playing notes.

More info at http://adonax.com/referencenotekeyboard

This keyboard has a slight bit of "lag" (50 milliseconds?), but the timing is good enough for many uses:

  • provide a tuning note or chord for voices or instruments,
  • provide drones for focused intonation practice or improvisation,
  • play melodies or chords.

Suggestion: run two copies at once! Set up one to hold a drone note or chord, and play a melody with the other.

REQUIREMENT: PC or Laptop with  64-bit Windows.

Windows 64 Users: The installation program rnksetup_win64-1.0.exe will run the standard Windows Setup process. The Setup will install a file folder system of  88 MB, and offer the option of a desktop icon. The default directory is c:\Program Files, but another directory can be chosen instead. The program does not require any additional downloads or software to run.

For Mac, Linux and Windows 32-bit users: I am in the process of determining how best to package the program for these platforms.


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rnksetup_win64-1.0.exe 20 MB

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